Vision for Future Shared at Open House

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On January 8, nearly 200 community members participated in an interactive Open House at which the draft Phoenix Next vision was shared with the public. Recommendations fell into four categories: On Site (for the 13-acre site), surrounding neighborhoods (covering an approximately half mile radius around the site), beyond the neighborhoods (covering a broader geography of Northwest Dayton and the City) and programs. Two over-arching themes were also shared: Promoting Health and Wellness and Advancing Next Generation Learning, which provide guidance for all recommendations. Participants had the opportunity to view the recommendations on display boards and provide comments.

The presentation boards may also be viewed at the Dayton Public Library-Northwest branch at 2410 Philadelphia Drive during the following times:

Wed. January 9, 2019 – 2pm – 6 pm
Thurs. January 10, 2019 –  10:30am – 2:30 pm
Sat. January 12, 2019 – 2pm – 6pm
Mon. January 14, 2019 – 10:30am – 2:30 pm
Wed. January 16, 2019 –  2pm – 6pm
Thurs. January 17, 2019  – 10:00am – 2:00pm
Wed. January 23, 1019 – 2pm – 6pm
Thurs. January 24, 2019 –  10:00am – 2:00pm
Sat. January 26, 2019 –   2pm – 6pm

Public Invited to Open House

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Community members are invited to attend an Open House for Phoenix Next on January 8th at Fairview PreK-6th School, 2314 Elsmere Ave, Dayton. At the Open House, the public will learn and have the opportunity to comment on recommendations for the 13-acre former Good Samaritan Hospital site and surrounding area.

What to expect at the Open House

There will be a very brief presentation followed by the opportunity to view and comment recommendations on display boards. Participants can write down their thoughts and submit them on comment forms.

Four types of recommendations have been developed:

  • On Site – Includes desirable, acceptable and undesirable uses for the 13-acre site and two mixed-use concepts to help to guide potential future development.
  • Surrounding Neighborhoods – Focuses on a ½ mile radius around the 13-acre site.
  • Beyond the Planning Area – Focuses on a broader area that impacts those who live and work in the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Programs – Presents strategies for coordinating, enhancing or supplementing existing programs and services in the area.

The recommendations support desired outcomes for the work including driving economic vitality, enhancing the image of the area and promoting healthy living. After the Open House, the vision will be refined based on input and the final Re-use and Investment Strategy will be prepared. The recommendations will serve as a guide for future development.

Light refreshments will be served at 5:30 pm and Open House activities will begin at 6 pm. Childcare will be provided. We will see you there!

Development of Recommendations is Underway

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Following from a second round of public engagement, the Phoenix Next staff team is now focused on the development of recommendations for re-use of the 13-acre site of the former Good Samaritan Hospital and investments in the surrounding neighborhoods. The planning team will report back to the community regarding the recommendations at a public Open House that will be held at the Fairview PreK-6th School, 2314 Elsmere Avenue on January 8, 2019 from 6-8 pm. At the Open House, attendees can view final recommendations, share reactions, provide ideas about implementation and celebrate the culmination of the work. Please save the date.

Great turnout, thoughtful ideas shared at Options Workshop

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On August 21, over 150 community members participated in an Options Workshop to provide comments on draft concepts for the 13-acre site and to help set the direction for the future of the surrounding neighborhoods. Hundreds of ideas were collected. The workshop built off the energy of forums, stakeholder interviews, and online surveys held earlier in the year. The input will help the planning team advance and refine recommendations over the next several months to inform the final recommendations. These will be shared with the public at an Open House later in the year. An online survey through September 5 and a display in the Dayton Public Library- Northwest Branch through September 4 will allow those who could not attend the workshop to share comments.

To share comments online, click here:

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Community Invited to Second Public Workshop

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Community members are invited to share their thoughts and help set the direction for the future of the Good Samaritan Hospital site and surrounding neighborhoods. An Options Workshop will be held on August 21, 2018 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at Fairview Pre-K–6th School (2314 Elsmere Ave, Dayton). There will be light refreshments at 5:30 pm and childcare provided.

The workshop aims to build off the energy from the Community Forums that were held in March. It will provide an opportunity for the planning team to report back on public input collected to date, share findings from research and analysis that have been conducted, and present strategic investment plan concepts for the neighborhoods and re-use strategy for the site. This will be a highly interactive workshop with a brief presentation followed by the opportunity to view and comment on display boards. Everyone who cares about the future of the site and surrounding neighborhoods is encouraged to attend.

Phoenix Next enters a new phase

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Since the two Community Forums held on March 22, the Phoenix Next effort has been advanced in several key ways.

Input reveals top ideas, high satisfaction

The highly-interactive Community Forums and subsequent online survey engaged approximately 220 community members and yielded 750 ideas. The most prevalent actions or outcomes that community members indicated they would like to see related to the topics of health, housing and economic development. Satisfaction rates were very high, with 96 percent of participants who responded to an exit survey indicating they were comfortable working in the small groups and 98 percent who said they felt their input was accurately recorded.

A summary of input gathered from the Community Forums can be found on the Resources page of this website. As follow-up to the forums, the planning team will reach out to other key constituencies in the community.

Advisory committee appointed

A citizen advisory committee has been appointed to bring insight and perspective to the planning process. Their ideas and recommendations will provide guidance to the Phoenix Investment Committee and Board of Trustees. A summary of the committee and engagement structure for the project can be found on the Resources page of this website. Confirmed advisory committee members include representatives from the following organizations:

  • City of Dayton
  • College Hill Neighborhood
  • Dayton & Montgomery County Department of Public Health
  • Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority
  • Dayton Police Department
  • Dayton View Triangle
  • Fairview Elementary School
  • Fairview Neighborhood Association
  • Fairview United Methodist Church
  • Five Rivers Health Center
  • Harrison Township
  • Human Relations Council
  • Huntington Bank
  • Miami Valley Golf Club
  • Northwest Priority Board
  • Northwest Dayton Library Branch
  • Omega Baptist Church
  • Premier Health
  • Regional Transit Authority
  • Salem Avenue Business Association

At the first meeting of the advisory committee, members were asked to share one word about their mindset coming into the process. Words and phrases identified demonstrated that members are generally coming into the process with an open mind and a desire to be part of a constructive dialogue: anxiously hopeful, cautiously optimistic, curious, energized, excited, expectant, growth, hopeful, inspired, involvement, lemonade, opportunity, skeptical, and visionary.

Next steps

The planning team is working to inform the conceptual direction for the investment and re-use strategy.  Conditions and trends information is being collected and analyzed. Moving into the summer, developing a community vision will include additional public engagement opportunities meant to give the community a significant role in shaping the area’s future. A multi-day conceptual planning workshop will take place in late June.

The public engagement and planning process will be overseen by the Phoenix Board of Trustees, which is comprised of representatives of the City of Dayton, Premier Health, CityWide and the community. On April 25, the Dayton City Commission appointed six members of the community to the Phoenix Governance structure. Joining the Phoenix Board are: Rev. Sam Winston, Tom Maultsby and Michael Colbert. Joining the Phoenix Investment Committee are: David Greer, Sharon Taste and Jeff Cooper.

Forum brings community members together to share ideas for the future

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Two public forums were held on Thursday, March 22nd for community members to learn about the Phoenix Next planning process and to contribute their insights concerning the future of the Good Samaritan Hospital campus and the Phoenix Project area. Nearly 200 community members attended and participated in small group activities. Participants had the chance to a) learn about the objectives and timing of the Phoenix Next process; b) reflect on recent changes in the planning area, including the closure of the hospital; and c) provide ideas on future investments.

If you were unable to attend the forums, please fill out the form below to provide your valuable input.

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