Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the work moving forward?

The work of Phoenix Next has evolved from the 15-year partnership between the City of Dayton and Premier Health through the yearlong community planning process. The founding members of the Phoenix Project (Premier Health and the City of Dayton) have formed a new Board to lead the organization. As the work evolves, additional committees may be created to advance aspects of the Vision 

2. What are the next steps towards realizing the vision?

In addition to the new Boarda new nonprofit organization has been formed to manage the project, Phoenix Next DaytonTraditional Phoenix programs have been continued in partnership with CityWide Development, including community policing, neighborhood engagement, real estate management and property maintenance of, public spaces such as the Salem and Catalpa gateway. Phoenix Next Dayton has also launched the Paramedicine program.

3. How can investors be part of the implementation of the vision?

The Phoenix Board is working to develop strategic partnerships with organizations and investors that share the community’s vision for development. Their goal is to leverage the resources that have been committed to incentivize development at the former Good Samaritan Hospital site and Northwest Dayton. Property owned through the Phoenix project is in an Opportunity Zone and may be eligible for New Market Tax Credits investmentTo learn more, contact Phoenix Next.

4. How will the work of Phoenix Next Dayton be communicated to the larger community?

In addition to the websiteinformation will be provided to neighborhood associations, churches, businesses and other organizations. Later a town hall-type meeting will be scheduled to fully update the community.  

5. How can I learn more about the Phoenix Next Planning process?

Visit the Resource Section on the Vision page.