The Phoenix Next Re-Use and Investment Vision process was a continuation of the long-term partnership between City of Dayton, Premier Health and CityWide Development in the Northwest Dayton. The purpose was to create a Vision for re-use of the 13-acre former Good Samaritan Hospital site and investment in the Phoenix Area neighborhoods.

CityWide, which has provided steady leadership since the inception of the Phoenix Project, worked with the partners to manage a process centered on planning for the next wave of planning and investment. Planning NEXT, a nationally known community planning practice based in Columbus, Ohio, facilitated the work. The public engagement and planning process were overseen by the Phoenix Board of Trustees, which was comprised of representatives of the City of Dayton, Premier Health, CityWide and the community. Hundreds of people participated, sharing their ideas through interviews, interactive public workshops and online surveys.

Priority outcomes for the work included driving economic vitality, creating jobs, enhancing the image of the area, leveraging investment, promoting healthy living and catalyzing other positive activity. To achieve these outcomes, two over-arching themes were developed— Promoting Health and Wellness and Advancing Next Generation Learning—as well as 30 recommendations for both the site and the surrounding neighborhoods were developed.

At the conclusion of the process, Premier Health made a $15 million commitment over a ten-year period in support of future Phoenix Board approved activities, which will be matched by $15 million from the City of Dayton through traditional public fund sources. In addition to this $30 million commitment, the partners will work to leverage their investments to bring State, Federal and private philanthropic dollars to redevelopment efforts.


Presentations, public input reports, and other documents created throughout the visioning process can be found below.

Re-use and Investment Vision

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